New Testament Chapters


When most people think of End Time prophecies, they immediately have in mind the book of Revelation, and with good reason. The book of Daniel is also another book gaining popularity, again with good reason, as Daniel`s prophecies are of the utmost importance in understanding the book of Revelation. They set the stage, so to speak.

But somewhat less known are several New Testament chapters or portions of chapters that give us more details and extra information about the Last Days, the soon coming of our Lord, and the End. And this is the purpose of this compilation of studies from the words of Jesus Himself in the books of Matthew and Luke as well as in the writings of the apostles Paul and Peter. These other writings truly fill up a lot of holes, answer questions and marvelously go hand in hand with the books of Daniel and Revelation.

This book is dedicated to anyone wishing to have a greater understanding of Bible prophecies, not only of the astounding future that awaits us, but also of the present distress this world is gradually falling into. These prophecies are not meant to strike fear into the reader, but on the contrary, they are written so we can have hope and be prepared. As the apostle Paul so fittingly wrote after speaking of the Lord`s second coming: “Wherefore comfort one another with these words.” 1st Thes.4:18


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