Basic End Time

New Basic End Time series

In this section, I am starting a new series with the idea to offer short and basic studies on the main events of the End Time period. There are a number of events and established facts, and they are solid stones in the building of our knowledge of Bible prophecy and of what the future holds in store. It is all there in the Bible, and among the first things we need to know as we study Bible prophecy are the things which are unchangeable, those things that are proven by many Scriptures, the certain facts that cannot be changed.

For example, we can prove that prophecies of the past were, and are, true because many of them have already been fulfilled. The predicted world empires that many past prophecies spoke of have now come and gone. But when you start studying prophecies regarding the coming future, these are time periods which have not happened yet, and it will take a little effort to understand them. It’s work to try to understand Bible prophecy, to study it and to figure these things out.

The prophets looked into the future and saw the coming events like a row of mountaintops. To them, only the mountaintops and peaks were what stood out to them. But as you start moving closer to those events, they begin to take on the shape of a series of mountain ranges instead, each one different than the other. These things could certainly come in stages, and as we will see in the Scriptures, these events are kind of mixed together sometimes, just the way the Prophets saw them!

There are many mysteries that God has hidden for Himself and which He has reserved for us to only know sometime in the future or perhaps in Heaven itself! The Prophets who received many of these revelations never even explained them, often because they didn't understand them either! God's ways are above our ways, as high as the Heaven's above the Earth! --Isa.55:9. So we're not expected to understand everything God does and knows! We're just simple little finite men and we have pretty small minds.

And while we can't possibly comprehend all of the wonders and mysteries of God and the future and all of its details, yet at the same time, there is still a lot of the basic and overall prophetic picture that we can understand now, knowledge that is open to us now, and that is what this series is all about.

There's one sure thing about prophecy; when it happens, then you'll know what it meant! That's the truth! Jesus said, "I have told you before it comes to pass, that when it comes to pass ye might believe!"--Jn. 14:29. A lot of prophecies are given to help you understand the future, but if you don't understand it now, it was probably written just so that when it does happen, you'll recognize it. Then you'll understand it! When it happens, we'll know, and then we'll know of a certainty what the right interpretation was!

It's just like riding on the train with a timetable on your lap. With a timetable, you can always know exactly where you are. But sometimes the train isn't exactly on time, and it is not always there when you thought it was going to be there. So as you go from town to town to town, how are you going to know where you are if you can’t always go by the timetable? --By the signs. The signs on the stations confirm where you are!

So in the same way, when you get to an Endtime “station”, you'll know it! You'll see the signs and recognize it and remember the Scriptures! --Otherwise, prophecies of the future can often be very confusing and overlapping with flashbacks and flash-forwards and whatnot. But what did He promise in Daniel? --"The wise shall understand!"--Dan.12:10. So don't worry if you don't understand it all now. Maybe it's not time yet.

But I believe we will definitely know when we get to an Endtime station. When we look out the window and see the "Signs of the Times", the sign of the station, then we'll know where we're at and we'll understand exactly what the Prophecy Timetable meant! --Mat.16:3. So even though many prophecies are very mysterious and very difficult to understand now, we needn’t worry about them. --We'll know when we need to, and/or when it happens.

The closer we get to the End, the clearer God's going to make it for us.