Current Events


Jesus said, “Ye hypocrites, ye can discern the face of the sky and of the earth; but how is it that ye do not discern this time?” (Lu.12:56)

Jesus obviously scolded the religious leaders of His day for not knowing the signs of the prophetic 'times' in which they were living. Because of their failing in this matter, they actually missed the foretold coming of their own Messiah. Therefore, I believe it is extremely important that we keep a vigilant eye upon the current world events so that we may correctly match them with appropriate prophetic interpretations, as best as we can, and get at least the general picture of things.

This 8 parts series was written during the 2020-22 pandemic. In March of 2020, while in Montreal, when the whole world fell under the grip of fear, I remember watching in disbelief pictures of the capitals of the world, completely emptied and deserted! This was unreal. And as I began to hear and read about…

“a world Economy transition… a digital currency…the need of a Global government… the need a national tracking system…the need of a global “Health” ID…a call for a “health” certificate…etc.”

I felt that the world was being pushed forward into the end time, something was happening. It is at that time that I started to investigate and research and I experienced an awakening: I discovered so many global forces in motion … behind the scene dark forces had been prepared for that crisis and were using it as an opportunity to achieve their goals.

I was a Christian missionary in Mexico for 30 years and although I am not a formal theologian, I have been studying the Scriptures for nearly 50 years. My prayer and hope are that your eyes will be open to the prophetic scriptures so that you will not be found unaware or unprepared for what will sooner or later come to pass.


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