22a. Gardening in April: What to Plant

Gardening in April: What to Plant

Plant by Transplants You’ll want to start the following crops as transplants in your garden in April in zones 9 & 10. You can either use your own that you started indoors or grab some from your local garden store. If you want to learn more about starting your own seeds you can check out my free video course on seed starting basics here: Seed Starting Basics

Peppers Pepper plants are really pretty, so we actually use them in our front flower beds as part of our landscaping each year! It’s a great way to make your flower beds beautiful while saving some needed space in the garden for other crops!

Tomatoes : 10 Tips for Growing Tomatoes

Brussels Sprouts


Gardening in April: Crops to Plant by Seed One of my favorite things about gardening in April is that I can start planting seeds outside! You can get the following crops started as seeds in April:

Beans Green beans! You can find my tips for growing green beans here: How to Grow Green Beans

Corn We use the hill method when we plant corn and we’ve had a lot of success with it (plus it saves valuable garden space for other yummy crops!)


Summer Squashes (Zucchini, Crookneck & Pattypan) You can check out my summer squash growing guide here: Growing Guide: Growing Summer Squash

All Winter Squashes & Pumpkins. April is a great time to get your winter squash and pumpkins started in your garden!


Melons Watermelon

Leaf Lettuce

Sweet Potatoes.

Potatoes We use the hilling method

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