22. March Planting Guide

March Planting Guide: Zones 9 & 10

March is a great month to get your garden started! Today I have a March planting guide specifically for zones 9 & 10.

March Planting Guide-Crops to plant by seed. You can start all of the following crops outdoors by seed in March!

Cool Season Crops: All of these crops are cool-season crops you can plant them outdoors in zones 9 & 10! Cool-season crops are hardy, so even if it does get a little bit chilly they should be just fine!





March Planting Guide-Warm Season Crops: Here are some of my favorite warm-season crops that you can plant as seeds in March. Remember to wait until after the last frost date before you plant any of these crops!

Beans Green beans are a garden staple.

Corn If you don’t have a lot of space in your garden, you can grow corn using the hill method.

Cucumbers Cucumbers are so easy to grow and they are very productive

Potatoes Commercially grown potatoes are often drenched in pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, etc which is why I prefer to grow my potatoes organically in my backyard garden. There are also a ton of varieties that you can try that you won’t find in the grocery store. We grow potatoes using the hilling method and it’s been very successful!

Other warm-season crops: You can also start all of these crops as seeds in March!

March Planting Guide: Crops to Transplant

These crops can be planted in your garden as transplants in March. Remember all of these crops need to be planted AFTER the last frost date!

Tomatoes. Tomatoes are my favorite crop on this March planting guide for zones 9 & 10!

Peppers are another great crop to transplant outdoors in March in zones 9 & 10.

Celery Celery can be transplanted outdoors in March! Get it growing in your garden now!

Here’s the list of Cool Season Crops

Lettuce Spinach Carrots
Swiss Chard Beets Radish
Turnips Chinese Greens Broccoli
Cabbage Kale Kohlrabi
Peas Cauliflower Green Onions
Leeks Scallions Mache
Most leafy greens

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