22c. Gardening in July

Gardening in July: Zones 9 & 10

Remember that a lot of this depends on where you live in zones 9 & 10. Some of you may struggle with some of these crops if you live in a very hot desert area, whereas if you live in a coastal area these crops may thrive!

Beans. Beans thrive in warmer weather and do well when they get 10-12 hours of sun during the day! You can learn more about growing beans here: How to Grow Green Beans

Summer Squash. Summer squash is another staple for gardening in July in zones 9 & 10. You can try any of these varieties in your garden this month:

Corn. Garden grown corn is the best! We grow our corn using the hilling method. It saves space and is perfect for small backyard gardens.

Cucumbers. Cucumbers are one of my favorite things about gardening in July. They are delicious! You won’t get quite as plentiful of a crop from a July planting as you would from a spring planting, but you’ll still get enough for it to be worth your while!

Gardening in July: Starting transplants indoors. You will also want to start thinking about preparing new transplants to replace your current tomato and pepper plants. You can get new seedlings started indoors about mid July, so that they are ready to go out into the garden about the time the worst of the summer heat goes away. Gardening in July is still possible in zones 9 & 10.

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