14. Container Garden


--Tomatoes: 1 per container (& something to hold it up)along w/marigolds against aphids

--squash: leave room for the plant to grow around the container. Use an auya

--winter squash, (small) Mini jack pumpkin.




--eggplants (small variety)

--peas: needs to climb. Dwarf variety

--Sweet potatoes. Large container.


--onions. Interplant. Good companion plant

--garlic: can also interplant like onions

--peppers: good drainage. Containers heat up quicker. Can bring containers in during the winter

--potatoes: grow in big sacks.

--okra: grows thru summer into fall

--swiss chard. (has long harvest period)

--kale: cool season

--cauliflour: contiainer shuld be 12 in deep

--cabbage: cool season


--citrus trees in big clay or wooden barrel

--fig trees

--herbs: basil, dill, minto, lemon balm, cilantro, sage, rosemary, thyme, garlic, parsley, oregano, ginger, turmeric, calendula

Suntrap patio. Lettuces in a hanging basket. Strawberries in a clay pot

--salad leaves: plant a variety of lettuce leaves together for pleasing colors

--radishes, scallions

--Pots Need more watering. 2X day in summer.

--Add liquid fertilizer during growing season

--Close planting needs more nutrition

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